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Red Rum Racing (RRR1) is a GTA V clean racing crew.
RRR members please use your GT or PSN as your forum name when registering on the forum.
Please link your Rockstar Social Club page in your "Driver" threads.
Please be respectfull of the other Occupants and you will not find the door hitting you in the rear on your way out.


AdmP_, Sept 20, 2014 23:38:07 GMT:     Link baron? I can't find my way round reddit lol
baroncohen, Sept 20, 2014 17:30:30 GMT:     I have to say that "sfattani" is the best GTA reddit poster ever. Totally knows his cars and how to drive them.
swifty, Sept 20, 2014 17:26:31 GMT:     I'm not playing the blame game Vooodu i'm just saying this was predicted weeks ago. LOL at Troul
varulven13, Sept 20, 2014 17:25:07 GMT:     I can't be fckd with gtaf, running metal pages on FB gets me an the wife our fare share of trolls, mostly x-tians
varulven13, Sept 20, 2014 17:22:58 GMT:     I have TROLL tattood on my foot, pre interweb tho...proper trolls that lurk in fjords
vooodu, Sept 20, 2014 17:22:45 GMT:     haha... I was tho.. :D
varulven13, Sept 20, 2014 17:22:02 GMT:     lol, a Troul
vooodu, Sept 20, 2014 17:21:35 GMT:     lol.. Some people loved me on GTAF and some people wanted to kill me. I was the troll with a soul. And just better at shit talkin' then the average shit talker. ..lol
varulven13, Sept 20, 2014 17:19:24 GMT:     death threats on gtaf? lol, what they gnna do? throw a sticky at you?
vooodu, Sept 20, 2014 17:17:04 GMT:     I agree.. lol.
varulven13, Sept 20, 2014 17:16:20 GMT:     too much talky not enough racey :p
vooodu, Sept 20, 2014 17:11:46 GMT: *    And thats comming from someone who used to get death threats on GTA forums just because no one could sink to my level of dirty arguing.. But i never went to that level of trollness here... Its just sad really.
vooodu, Sept 20, 2014 17:09:02 GMT: *    Swifty, who cares who started what.. The end result is players getting frustrated and leaving, which means no one wins.. :(
Traksta1, Sept 20, 2014 16:44:00 GMT:     Your promotion. Good luck ;)
LuapYllier, Sept 20, 2014 16:39:38 GMT: *    I will still be participating in the RRGP if I am welcome...and any other events I may take a fancy to.
LewisTheGrim, Sept 20, 2014 16:34:32 GMT:     I've just woke up. What did I miss?..........
swifty, Sept 20, 2014 15:59:01 GMT:     Funny seeing people trying to take the moral high ground lol I think everyone knows when the problems started and if you don't it was YOU :P Or was it me? :o
varulven13, Sept 20, 2014 15:31:33 GMT:     ffs all over an argument about pavements, if ppl want to drive on the pavement that's up to them, there is just as much crap there as there is on the road
vooodu, Sept 20, 2014 15:16:05 GMT:     http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/stronzo_race_team Seems like a few people jumped on it
vooodu, Sept 20, 2014 15:15:28 GMT:     I don't think so. He might now be under the tag but everyones still friends.

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Forum Rules
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RedRumRacing Forum Terms of Service (Please Read) by Mo-seph Dec 16, 2013 14:22:31 GMT

Rules and other Legal Jargon

What you need to know
5 Comments in 4 Discussions
How to Join by LuapYllier Jun 13, 2014 0:21:46 GMT

Red Rum Racing, where it all began, what we are about, and how to join.


RRR Racing Challenges
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Official RRR Bi-Weekly Challenge 7/23/14-8/4/14 by LuapYllier Aug 25, 2014 13:42:44 GMT

Racing challenges. The Official RRR Weekly Challenge plus any specific challenge any member wishes to post.

Sub-board: Previous Weekly Challenges

[PS3] Crew Meets, Random Events and Other get togethers
1,898 Comments in 46 Discussions & 4 Viewing
RedRum GP [PS3] by AdmP_ Sept 20, 2014 23:51:18 GMT

Got some idea for things to do with friends...post it and invite everyone from your console.

[Xbox] Crew Meets, Random Events and other get togethers.
1,155 Comments in 35 Discussions
RedRum GP [XBOX] Sunday, September 28th. 8pm BST by bebbo Sept 20, 2014 19:20:03 GMT

Got some idea for things to do with friends...post it and invite everyone from your console.

[PS3] Crew .vs. Crew Challenges
323 Comments in 7 Discussions
F4D3D v Red Rum crew challenge by nittydon Sept 10, 2014 14:40:10 GMT

Info/ Details about Crew .vs. Crew Challenges for the Playstation Console.

[Xbox] Crew .vs. Crew Challenges
318 Comments in 7 Discussions
NODO Challenge by reignmillions Aug 27, 2014 19:51:18 GMT

Info/ Details about Crew .vs. Crew Challenges for the Xbox console.

Media Board

RRR1 Pictures
405 Comments in 19 Discussions
Red Rum Racing Collage Contest by nittydon Sept 2, 2014 14:30:21 GMT

We already have snapmatic guys so don't go crazy in here but any external pics you take with your phone etc. post them up.

RRR1 Videos
210 Comments in 33 Discussions & 1 Viewing
Crew Created Races by swifty Sept 18, 2014 14:58:04 GMT

Any videos of Red Rum in action

Custom Content

Creation Tips
215 Comments in 18 Discussions
Side Walk proofing your tracks. by LuapYllier Sept 7, 2014 17:39:08 GMT

Let us know what you have learned.

Your Creations
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swifty (PS3) by Cuz05 Sept 20, 2014 21:47:42 GMT

Post your work, expect feedback.

Found Creations
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fun style race, (not GP or F1 or any style) by SPEEDSTER0595 Jul 24, 2014 3:45:03 GMT

Post links to tracks you have found and recommend.

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